Like many competitive business owners and entrepreneurs, you understand that to stay competitive, you need a well-designed, properly functioning website that qualified prospects can easily find and navigate. If you find yourself asking the questions below, then our web development and design services are for you.

“What is digital marketing and what is a web strategy?”

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We like to answer this question by asking you this:

Can you read your website clearly, and easily navigate it on a mobile device?
– 90% of Americans today own a smart phone.
– Over 63% of them are using it to do research online.Source: Pew Research Report, May 2013

If the answer is NO, then you are giving over 50% of your prospects a bad user experience. When a website is “not responsive”, meaning it doesn’t properly display on a mobile device, Google automatically penalizes you and puts your business on the lowest end of all Search Engine Rankings.

Are your local listings accurate? If the answer is NO, you are losing qualified leads because potential clients can’t find you; but they can easily see your competitors and you are losing business.

How well does your website capture qualified leads? If the answer is “I don’t know”, you are probably missing a wonderful opportunity to tell your current customers and prospects about how great your services are. Wouldn’t it be great to easily communicate with them and build a rapport so they keep coming back?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then our answer is YES – your website is hurting your business.

Schedule your Free Consultation Now and BofillTech will evaluate your current website and advise you on which critical first steps you should take to grow your business with the most qualified website leads.

“Does having a ‘old’ website hurt my business?”

If you are thinking blogs, email, and great content – then yes – these are just some of the components that go into creating a strong digital marketing – web strategy.

But if you don’t know how to manage these to optimize growth, why bother having them. Your job is to demonstrate how your amazing services solve your client’s problems.

Our job is to show you how a solid digital marketing strategy will do just that, and we’d be delighted to show you how.


“We’ve made it this far and exceeded initial business expectations without a concrete digital marketing strategy. is it necessary to do so now? if so, why?”


If your business is thriving in this day and age without a well conceived, skillfully implemented and focused digital marketing strategy, then very likely your an ideal candidate for digital marketing as you have the potential to grow a solid, well functioning business by reaching a whole new customer base as there are plenty of people in the world who have never heard of your amazing product/service/business.

Whether you’re business to business or direct to consumer we can offer you a methodical and proven strategy that will grow your business.

“Our sales team is outstanding; they could sell snow to a polar bear but, first, they need better leads. What do we do?

It’s all about inbound stratagem. Back in the dark ages of digital marketing, outbound strategies were the rave. You remember: when you’d open your inbox to be bombarded by countless, intrusive emails from businesses offering products you didn’t even know existed.

We like to do things a little differently by for example – providing quality, written content for your website, utilizing sharp, articulate seo blogs, and publishing social media posts relevant to, nay, enticing to your clientele. We also make it our job to monitor the progress and lead quality as we begin the digital marketing process to ensure we are maximizing our efforts and your results.

For potential clients – we can get them to realize you have a product or service they need. If they’ve heard of you before we make them reinvest their interest and get you a quality lead. With quality leads from our digital marketing process and your sales team’s merits, conversions and deals are sure to follow.


“Can you assess our current business and what we need to grow?”


While it’s our forte, the BofillTech team is not confined to digital marketing. If needed, we can assess, advise and react to your business’s needs.

Whether you sell special parts needed for hvac units, work in the music industry, run a luxury charter service or like to sell coffee we can help you improve and grow your business.

“Our company uses social media marketing but need guidance on how to do it. And, what about seo blogging and what kind of content should we have in our social media and on our site?”

“Our company uses social media marketing but need guidance on how to do it. And, what about seo blogging and what kind of content should we have in our social media and on our site?”

“We’ve got a great online presence but with a vendor for social media, another for blogging, one for our website and another consultant. they do a good job but it isn’t cohesive and it’s difficult updating all of these different people.”

If the strategy isn’t all under one roof, it’s no strategy. At BofillTech we have demonstrated expertise in SEO, strategic social media, website design, and content creation. We want to help you achieve your goals by utilizing our unique, comprehensive and focused strategy for every aspect of your digital presence. Your business will benefit the most from a consistent, linked regimen and that is exponentially more effective than individual services.

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