Social Media Strategy:

Boost your brand’s online presence with an effective social media marketing strategy. Here’s our 7-step plan to make your business look great on social media.

  1. Define Objectives We will work together to identify why you want to incorporate the social media element in your marketing strategy. Do you want to drive sales, generate leads, or promote brand awareness? Whatever the reason, we know how to get your business the social media presence it deserves.
  1. Audience Analysis We will identify and analyze different customer personas that you wish to target via social media. We then develop our content strategy according to the social media platforms that we need to focus on.
  1. Competitor Research Provide us a list of your competitors and leave the task of doing an audit on their social media presence, to us.
  1. Platform Selection For hotels, we would most likely recommend Facebook and/or Instagram, as most hotels flourish on these platforms.
  1. Set Goals After we define objectives and identify the target audience, we will propose 2 or 3 realistic goals that will define the content strategy.
  1. Content Strategy Our social media content strategy is designed to attract your target audience, and we do that by deciding what to post, when to post, and by designing strategies to engage your audience.
  1. Optimization We suggest the metrics that you should be focusing on. A weekly monitoring of these metrics will ensure that you are on track to reach the specified goals.

Facebook Account Review:

We conduct an in-depth audit of your Facebook page to review how we can optimize it for your business’ social media strategy.

We develop the necessary content or tweak the existing content on the Facebook About page to make your business look great!

Instagram Account Review and Development

Your company’s Instagram account is reviewed to provide feedback on your profile and content strategy. Whether you love hashtags or hate them, the fact remains that hashtags are crucial to your Instagram success! Our hashtag research gets you the right hashtags to use. Our report includes the following:

Profile: A stand-out profile photo can work magic for your account’s popularity. Along with some good ideas for a profile picture, we include the right keywords in your profile description. This helps potential customers find you. We also offer suggestions on custom links.

Content Strategy: To engage your audience and bring value to your business, we have 15-20 types of content posts that you must try.

Hashtags: Our thorough research gives you a minimum of 30 hashtags to use.

Q&A: Any burning Instagram questions that you have? We are here to answer your queries.

Please Note: Monthly management of Instagram and Facebook is charged separately.