Client: Royal Atlantic (

Primary Objective: Build a loyal and engaged Facebook community.
Secondary Objective: Increase Winter “off-season” bookings

History: We had a disengaged Facebook page with minimal activity; and while summer bookings during July and August we’re excellent, there were meager off-season bookings during the winter.

Solution: Using a deliberate and purposeful Facebook posting strategy, we created a highly engaged community of existing and new clients that were eager to share the love they have for Royal Atlantic and Montauk, NY. We drove both new and existing clients to book their “Winter Getaway” using the ROYALWINTER discount code, which was only promoted organically (zero advertising dollars) on our Facebook page, and in our monthly email newsletter.

Results after 3 months:

    • Increased Facebook Followers/Page Likes by 16%
    • Increase in Facebook Pageviews by 55% *
    • Facebook Post Engagement Increase by 153% *
    • Increased Winter/Off-Season bookings by 73%

*28 day view: March 21-April 17 2017

Outcome: Extremely Happy Client